Wi-Fi for Hotels & Accom

Wi-Fi service for hotels is no longer a luxury but a necessity to every hotel guests. The reason why hotel guests come to your hotel is not only because of the cost and quality of service but what also comes with their stay packages, such as Wi-Fi Internet access. If your hotel is not already offering Wi-Fi, it’s about time you reconsider a mature technology to keep your guests happy and coming back.

Businesses or personal communications are frequently carried over the Internet. Every hotel guests would either be checking their emails or getting onto their Facebook accounts to stay connected while they are away, or Google-ing for info or finding the next best restaurants in town. Pretty much everything is done over the Internet.

Y5ZONE has been providing Wi-Fi Internet service for years, and the team has experiences with offering Wi-Fi Internet access service to 5-star hotels.


Wi-Fi for Hotels, Motels or Inns

Wi-Fi service can be offerred as a complementary service to your guests, whether in guest rooms or public spaces like lounge or its restaurant. Contact us to discuss how Wi-Fi service can be implemented and offerred to your guests with our service provisioning system that can be easily integrated to your hotel’s property management system.


Wi-Fi for Camping/Caravan Parks

Wi-Fi service can be offered at camping/caravan parks for holiday makers to keep them connected web browsing, emails and interacting with social networks in places where broadband Internet access may be limited. Contact us to discuss how we can help you offer Wi-Fi service and turn your camping/caravan park into a holiday maker’s favourite destination.


Wi-Fi for Student Accommodation

While most students may spend a lot of time on social networking platforms or indulge in instant messaging with their friends, we cannot deny the Internet is also an enormous resource library to help them with their studies. Contact us with your wired & wireless Internet access requirements for your student accommodation.

Put our proven experience and Wi-Fi solutions & service management best practices to work for you.