Wireless Enterprise

Your corporate office network infrastructure is one of your most important investment.

  • It keeps you in business by keeping your cost low and in control.

  • It protects your business and keep it safe from data theft and unauthorised network entry.

  • It ensures you stay connected, fast, and free of network congestions.

  • It may even free you from your desk and work wirelessly.


Y5ZONE realises the advantages and benefits of wireless networks at your work places, which Motorola’s wireless product portfolio has everything you need to make your office network infrastructure best in class, leading towards a “Wireless Enterprise”.

Deploying a wireless network solution is not as simple as estimating the number of wireless access points needed for the required coverage area. With more and more wireless networks being deployed, possibly near your office, we do have to consider the reliability and security of your network, and avoid any interruptions caused by interference, unauthorised attempts to gain entry into your network, or data theft from your users. We have more than 100 years of accumulated experience in designing and deploying secure wireless enterprise networks.

If you are considering a wireless network for your office, why not talk to our consultants and get an expert opinion. Put our proven experience and Wi-Fi solutions & service management best practices to work for you.

Features of a Wireless Enterprise

  • 802.11n technology delivers faster speeds up to 300Mbps

  • Wireless self-healing capabilities ensure your network availability

  • Industry-standard secure wireless networking with single sign-on capability

  • Dual-band radio frequency avoids wireless interference, ensures little or no network disruption

  • Built-in intrusion prevention system protects your network from unauthorized entry, rogue access points and evil-twin attacks

Benefits of a Wireless Enterprise

  • Send and share data quickly through a wireless network

  • Increased productivity and greater job satisfaction

  • Remote working also reduces travel time for employees, leading to lower stress levels

  • Cost-effective and future-proof investment with long-term cost-savings

  • Easy installation, eliminating the need to pull cable through walls and ceilings; also easy to remove, transfer and re-use.